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Being an innovative startup is a fundamental trait of our company, pursuing research activities devoted to the identification and in-depth analysis of the best and most modern technologies, in order to promote new products and develop new software projects. ADAMANTIC’s predominant activity is research and development of software integration and data transmission solutions, including for the Internet of Things, through Distributed Ledger technologies, with a particular focus on Blockchain.
The company was born from three entrepreneurs, all having many years of experience in the IT field, with a special focus on finding and adopting new technologies to fulfill the needs of enterprise customers. The skills acquired along the way, and the knowledge of commercial and technical scenarios brought us to define a blockchain-based architecture to address the needs of the enterprise market related to logical or physical data transactions, involving any kind of source or destination. Such architecture is applicable to both enterprise and consumer targets, including IoT, needing a certified, secure and non-repudiable information and process handling.


Multimedia - handling of audio/video files with related information of property and usage rights and certified sharing with authorized parties;
Certificazione dei processi aziendali - cross-department or cross-company document handling and authorization workflows; certified history recording;
Escrow - development of customizable smart contracts to act as escrow in different processes and businesses;
Automotive & Insurance – internal research and development projects to handle sensor-generated data and certify the data acquisition and processing phases;
Government – feasibility study for a governmental body concerning the decentralized handling of private or public vote operations;
ID document handling - certification of ID documents and control over their disclosure; 
Fintech - creation of a new mathematical currency based on financial investment products;
Supply Chain Management - step-by-step supply chain certification and tracing, from the production site to the final consumer;
Artwork Digital Certification - Preliminary analysis to develop a certification infrastructure for artwork attribution and estimation. The process involves artwork owners, art galleries, museums, buyers and auction houses.

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Luca Vignali

Chief Scientific Officer



Pierpaolo Foderà

Chief Executive Officer



Domenico Barra

Chief Technology Officer



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